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Forklift cabins manufacturing


Forklift cabins manufacturing offer

Many years of experience in material handling industry led us to the leader position in manufacturing forklift cabins.


Our design-technical staff is highly qualified and experienced, indispensable when processing individual clients’ requests. Owing to the out-of-the-box approach and great flexibility, we are able to handle the most complex inquiries.


Our advantages also include:

  • Fast execution – even as early as three weeks from the order date,
    Experience in cabins for various brands and segments,
    Flexible assembly manner: self-assembly kit, assembly at the Client’s throughout the country, assembly at our registered office,
    You can rent a replacement machine for the time of assembly with 25% discount from Lemarpol Wózki Widłowe rental price.
    We have our own specialist transport with attractive price guarantee and efficient service!


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Forklift air-conditioning


Due to the increase in standard of work among the local companies and doing our best to meet the market’s expectation, we are one of few companies in Poland offering air-conditioning in cabins. The system ensures optimum comfort and effectiveness of the operator’s work.

* The cost of particular subassemblies and the manner of installation depends on the type of equipment and its basic options, so the price may be changed.


Examples of our projects

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We would like to warmly encourage you to use our services. We guarantee fast completion of all the necessary procedures, so that your pleasure derived from our cooperation begins as it is initiated and lasts for its whole period. Should you have any questions – contact our Customer Service via the form below.

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