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Forklifts rental



Forklifts rental aims at the Clients for whom forklifts are an alternative way of solving material handling issues.


Our offer includes equipment rental together with an operator. We also arrange you to buy the rented forklift. In such a case, the selling price is decreased by the value of rental. Depending on the period, we provide long-term rental (over 24 months) and short-term rental – with favourable conditions adjusted to your needs.


Our forklifts rental offer is one of the most advantageous forms of organising material handling, and the measurable advantages include:

  • the possibility to use the equipment seasonally,
  • period of rental adjusted to individual needs,
  • budgeted equipment operation cost,
  • no fleet management costs,
  • no advance payment upon contract conclusion,
  • the possibility to obtain the fleet at a limited capital,
  • lower total cost of forklifts operation,
  • tax deductible expenses,
  • providing continuous work.

Forklifts rental

Short-term rental
Even lasting one day

Specialist forklifts rental: lifts, boom lifts, telehandlers and rough terrain forklifts:

  • even one-day-long rental!
  • forklifts to be collected in Ożarów Mazowiecki or Zator or…
  • …we will deliver it to any site,
  • only “nearly new” forklifts for rent – 0-3 years.
  • we also rent the forklifts with attachments or operator.

Oferowane formy wynajmu

We have a solution of offer for large companies that use forklifts intensely: you order the forklift delivery and full service and maintenance at our company (including tyre change). Such a solution eliminates financial burden related to forklifts purchase and the need to keep maintenance departments. At a specified fee we provide top-quality equipment and full service. Should you have any questions, or be willing to specify the details, contact the rental department. Tel: 691 500 215

“Lemarpol” has an ongoing access to a wide range of equipment with varied technical parameters, and thus it offers to rent forklifts and scissors, being a great solution while working at heights.

Should you have any question, or be willing to specify the details, contact the service department, tel. 603 785 626

We would like to draw your attention to a less-known, yet very attractive and recommended form of cooperation – outsourcing. This is a dynamically developing and modern concept of improving company management.

Outsourcing means the use of services, or products offered by other suppliers. The goal of outsourcing is to lower the cost of products and services offered to the clients. Lemarpol-Wózki Widłowe has a perfectly qualified team of employees and several hundred pieces of equipment, thus being the best prepared company to provide full services of material handling in companies, e.g.:

  • “full-service” provided by the servicemen at our company with the equipment owned by the client within their premises;
  • complex material handling with own equipment, including the work of the operators.

Do you have any questions? Contact us

We would like to warmly encourage you to use our services. We guarantee fast completion of all the necessary procedures, so that your pleasure derived from our cooperation begins as it is initiated and lasts for its whole period. Should you have any questions – contact our Customer Service via the form below.

Lemarpol Wózki Widłowe

Long-term Rental Department:

Tel: 691 500 215, E-mail:lemarpol@lemarpol.pl

Short-term Rental Department branch in Zator:

Tel: 603 785 626, E-mail:lucyna@lemarpol.pl

Tel: 609 359 648, E-mail:tomasz.kielar@lemarpol.pl

Short-term Rental Department branch in Koprki:

Tel: 663 870 222, E-mail:lukasz.odolanski@lemarpol.pl

Tel: 691 052 130, E-mail:warszawa@lemarpol.pl