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Ultra-modern and ultra-efficient BYD electric forklifts


What is BYD?

BYD is a modern company based on a revolutionary technology of producing Zero Emission Vehicles. BYD (meaning “Build Your Dreams”) allows one to maximise the forklift operation time, simultaneously limiting maintenance. BYD forklifts made material handling even easier.



Revolution in the world of forklifts

BYD is a relatively new brand and its vehicles are based on a groundbreaking technology – forklift DC charging. BYD is also the first manufacturer in the world to introduce forklifts with LiFePO4 batteries. How is this applicable? BYD vehicles have single, light lithium-ion-phosphor batteries with ultrafast charging option.

What are the benefits of using BYD forklifts?


Major decrease in the operation costs due to highly efficient, fast-charging battery..


Improved safety in the warehouse – the electric batteries of BYD forklifts have been tested and constitute no explosion or fire hazard.


Low cost of BYD forklifts purchase compared to similar vehicles of well-known brands.

History of BYD

BYD is a modern and eco-friendly brand that dates back to 2003. It was established as a response and solution to the constantly increasing level of exhaust fumes emission worldwide and natural environment pollution.

At first, BYD was involved solely in the production of eco hybrid and electric cars. As time went by, they expanded their business to include zero emission and ultra-efficient forklifts.

What are the characteristics of BYD forklifts?

Extremely low time
necessary to fully charge the battery (1-2h)

Modern, maintenance-free battery
(no need to fill in with electrolyte)

Battery life amounting to
22,000 cycles

Operation possible at
low temperatures

Lighter structure
of the vehicle

No risk of environmental pollution
with heavy materials and acids

BYD vehicles
Current offer of BYD forklifts includes


pallet trucks

Reach Trucks

pallet stackers with mast

towing forklifts

BYD forklifts – where can I buy them?

Now BYD electric forklifts are also available on our offer! Are you interested in BYD vehicles and want to learn more?
Contact our representative, who will answer all your questions and present the current offer of BYD forklifts.

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