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Forklift service


Dedicated service centre

Our customers’ fleet condition is our priority. You can count on Lemarpol at every stage of forklifts operation. We offer a wide range of advisory services, installation and service-fixing. We are here for you in case of a break-down. Nearly 50 Lemarpol service points in Poland guarantee we are always close to you. Our Service Centre means professional assistance in a wide range of services, i.e.:

  • Complex renovation of all brands of forklifts (e.g. Manitou, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Atlet),
  • technical inspection and preparing the forklifts for registration with the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT),
  • we make replacement forklifts available for the time of repair,
  • repairing and regenerating power hydraulics elements,
  • motor and gears maintenance repairs,
  • LPG system installation,
  • regenerating masts and chassis,
  • installing attachments: fork side shift, rotating grabs and others,
  • pneumatic and superflexible tyres mounting at the Client’s
  • direct access to spare parts (also shipment),
  • service emergency (up to 24 hours at the Client’s),
  • guarantee as regards every repair.

Our Service Department directly cooperates with the Sales Department and handles technical preparation of forklifts ordered by the Clients, which are thoroughly technically refurbished and have a new varnish before delivery. Depending on the year of production our guarantee lasts up to 60 years. The cost of guarantee checks is specified in the guarantee and does not change throughout the guarantee period. All the repairs under guarantee are free of charge and made at the Client’s.

In the case we are unable to repair the fault within 48 hours from the notification, we will deliver replacement equipment at our expense. Service bases are located in Warsaw, Poznań and Andrychów, which enables quick service reaction. Our spare parts warehouse is perfectly equipped, which eliminated unnecessary repair period prolonging.

Lemarpol has the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) licences as regards modernisation and maintenance of forklifts.


Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) licence

As of 18th August 2003 – pursuant to the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 3 February 2003 changing the type of technical equipment subject to technical inspection

– forklifts with mechanical lift drive shall be subject to technical inspection (Journal of Laws Dz. U. no. 28 item 240). The regulation brings about the following obligations:

Importer: shall be obligated to determine the import applications as regards the types and quantity of imported equipment; without an import application no forklift may enter the country;

User: shall be obligated to report and register the used forklifts with an appropriate regional Office of Technical inspection and abide by the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection as regards the use and maintenance, in accordance with the Act on Technical Inspection;

Maintenance person: the previous service worker must have a valid licence of the Office of Technical Inspection;

Operator: they need to have proper licence to operate forklifts;

Pursuant to the above Regulation, our company has conducted the proper trainings and obtained a licence from the Office of Technical Inspection, giving them a licence to perform repairs and modernisation of forklifts, also including mast welding. The above Regulation also imposes an obligation on forklift users to register the forklifts with the Office of Technical Inspection and perform periodical checks by the authorised companies. Our company recommends its services both in term of forklifts bought at our company, and others.

We quickly and professionally handle repairs and preparing the forklifts for the mandatory acceptance by the Office of Technical Inspection.

Within the service, we offer a replacement forklift on favourable conditions to provide continuous operation. We ensure That every service worker has the licence of a Material Handling Equipment Maintenance Worker and gas licences required by the Office of Technical Inspection.

Doing our best to meet our Customers’ expectation, we also offer help in completing the necessary operation and maintenance documentation of the used forklifts.

Lemarpol bases

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We would like to warmly encourage you to use our services. We guarantee fast completion of all the necessary procedures, so that your pleasure derived from our cooperation begins as it is initiated and lasts for its whole period. Should you have any questions – contact our Customer Service via the form below.

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